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Do you have a specific question about sound installations? Below are the answers to the questions we get the most. Is your question not listed? Our audio specialists will be happy to help you.

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Results of the CCH resources management survey have shown that listening to music in a workplace can boost the mood and increase employee satisfaction by up to 55%.

Yes, you can. A study at the University of Miami showed that employees who listen to music behind their desks could complete their tasks faster. Music also helps boost your creative problem-solving skills and improves your mood.

The ability to link your alarm system to your sound system makes it very easy to play recorded messages in various emergency situations, ranging from a fire to an official safety drill.

A digital audio matrix allows you to divide the rooms in your building into different zones. This advanced device can then figuratively be seen as a distributor that distributes different inputs to your predetermined outputs (zones, departments). After your zones and matrix have been configured correctly by an AUDAC certified partner, controlling your sound and music in each department will be a piece of cake.

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Do you have a company or your own business? Then you have to pay a fee if you want to play music of which someone else is the author, performer or producer. The collection and distribution of those rights to music is the responsibility of Sabam, Playright and Simim:

Sabam is the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers. Sabam collects and distributes the remuneration for public performance law. Public performance law is the exclusive right of the owner of a musical work to allow his work to be performed in public.

Playright and Simim will collect and distribute the equitable remuneration. The equitable remuneration is a remuneration for the performers and producers of music. You only pay the equitable remuneration for recorded music, and not for live music.

By using the NMP40 streaming module with a Soundtrack Your Brand subscription, you can connect your professional audio system to the world's largest catalog of licensed music.

AUDAC's central sound system makes it possible to send both recorded and real-time announcements to staff members.

The FMP40 has 50 programmable triggers that can be used to play back previously stored music or voice messages. The FMP40 offers a versatile solution to easily distribute advertisements, announcements or emergency announcements to your customers or staff members.

In addition, AUDAC also has a very wide range of fixed-installable microphones that allow you to play understandable on-demand messages in your departments.

A central sound system offers several advantages that are missing when installing separate radios per department. For example, a central sound system can be easily operated from 1 central point, maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum and broadcasts and emergency signals can easily be sent over different rooms.

With the switch-off of the analog radio signal, a lot of industrial halls and offices have no audio connection anymore. In order to maintain optimal productivity in these workshops, a high-quality sound system is crucial. With the AUDAC XMP44 modular audio player you can choose from 7 different SourceCon™ modules that guarantee a continuous audio flow without power or internet interruption.

Learn more about the different SourceCon™ modules here.


Want to control the volume, music input or other specific settings on your professional sound system? Then many different ways are possible depending on the desired functionalities. We'll list a few for you:

AUDAC Touch™ app: This application is available on almost all mobile & fixed devices and can be configured to the needs of your business premises. Launch the app and control all elements such as volume & input from one clear dashboard.

Wall panels: You can also choose to install wall panels at different strategic locations in your desks, workshop or warehouse. These wall panels then allow you to control your installation locally.

Web interface: Via any browser you can log on to the web interface of the different AUDAC devices. Here you can make your desired changes.

On the device: Is your hardware installed in an easily accessible place? Then you can also control your installation by using the physical control panels on the various devices themselves.

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Choosing a music source for your company may not seem difficult, but it requires a lot of attention. Even before you can consider the different possibilities, there are a lot of things to consider. Are there any legal obligations I have to comply with in order to legally play the music or can I opt for royalty-free music? How do I meet the different music requirements of my staff? Which music suits the style and experience I want to convey?

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have developed the XMP44 modular music player with 4 input options that you can compose yourself according to your own wishes and needs. You can choose from a variety of music sources that offer you the freedom you need to create the right atmosphere at any time.

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Do you want to play music via a bluetooth connection to your sound system? Then you can choose the BMP40 professional bluetooth module. This can be installed in the XMP44 modular music player after which you are able to play music from any Bluetooth device.

If your sound system includes a PRE series preamplifier, you can use the integrated Bluetooth receiver to play your music directly via a Bluetooth 4.1 connection.

The NMP40 audio streaming module allows you to stream audio files directly from a PC or mobile device to a professional audio system while maintaining the best available sound quality. Through our unique collaborations with streaming services such as Spotify you are able to integrate them effortlessly.

If you want to avoid the entire licensing process, we recommend you to use SoundTrack your Brand. SoundTrack Your Brand is the provider of the world's largest catalogue of popular music, licensed for professional use. Browse through hundreds of ready-made soundtracks for any genre, sound or business type. Next to this Soundtrack your brand also offers you the possibility to compose your own soundtrack.

We design products that last! In the development process that takes place entirely in Belgium, we only use high-quality components that guarantee a long product lifespan. And because we are so convinced of the quality, we offer everyone 3 years warranty on hardware such as amplifiers and media players and 5 years warranty on our speakers.

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This strongly depends on the composition of the system, the desired sound pressure level and the surface of your premises. The largest consumers of a sound system are of course the amplifiers, because the louder the music, the more power they have to deliver and the higher the energy consumption.

That's why we strive to make our products as energy efficient as possible. For example, several of our amplifiers have been awarded the Energy Star label for being equipped with smart standby features that reduce energy consumption when not in use. This focus on efficiency in both operating and idle modes means huge savings for you.


The difference between a 100V sound system and a low-impedance public address audio system can be found in the application use. For example, a 100V audio system is used in applications where larger distances need to be bridged or where you will connect more speakers per speaker line. A 100V loudspeaker is also equipped with a transformer, which allows you to choose the different wattages per loudspeaker. In a low-impedance sound system, loudspeakers are connected to 4, 8 or 16 ohms. This results in a natural sound for your hospitality environment.

In order to support our customers optimally, we have a certified partner network at their disposal that both install and maintain AUDAC sound systems. If you are looking for a certified partner in your area, take a look at the next page:

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To ensure optimal and stable sound quality it is necessary to wire your speakers to a central point. However, controlling your sound system and streaming music can be done completely wirelessly, we have developed our own application AUDAC Touch™ which allows you to control your entire system via any smart device.


The number and type of loudspeakers that can be installed in your warehouse, meeting room or office depends on several factors; for example, the size, shape of your room, but also the purpose you want to achieve (giving presentations, background music ...). In order to put together the right solution for your premises, we are happy to give you expert advice.

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It is not necessary to provide an power socket next to your passive speakers, as these speakers receive their power over the speaker cable from the connected amplifier. An active loudspeaker, on the other hand, contains an amplifier part in its housing, which means that it has to be powered directly by current.

The choice of AUDAC ceiling or wall-mounted speakers depends on many factors: for example, your room's needs and environment (height of ceiling, depth and width of room, etc.) play a very important role. For example, a wall or surface-mounted loudspeaker allows you to specifically determine your distribution angle, while the design of the loudspeaker can add value to your business space. Flush-mount speakers, on the other hand, have a fixed spread angle and can be designed to be minimalist and space-saving.