Sustainability is an important
driver for innovation.

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“At AUDAC, sustainability is an integral part of the company philosophy. It is a key driver for innovation that motivates us to create better, smarter but above all more sustainable audio solutions.“
Tom Van de Sande, CEO AUDAC
Wall mount loudspeakers for offices and warehouses
Make it sustainable

From advice to installation

MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE is the television programme in which various developments and innovations within the sustainability sector are featured. The theme of the broadcast on 1 February was Technology and Industry. An excellent opportunity for us to highlight the importance and applicability of AUDAC audio systems in new buildings and renovations.

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How do we operate?

Our approach

We design products that last! In the development process that takes place entirely in Belgium, we only choose high-quality components that guarantee a long product lifespan. And because we are so convinced of the quality, we offer everyone 3 years warranty on hardware such as amplifiers and media players and 5 years warranty on our speakers.

So you can enjoy a unique sound experience without any worries.

Reliable media player, preamplifier, dab+ radio for offices and warehouses
Reliable loudspeakers for offices and warehouses
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Exceptional quality

Minimal maintenance,
maximum enjoyment.

After installation, your sound system hardly requires any maintenance anymore. Our user-friendly interface is available as an app for any mobile or fixed device. This enables you to quickly and easily get started controlling both your music source and zone system from the same ecosystem.

AUDAC outdoor loudspeaker
Dab+ radio with low power consumption
Power consumption

Energy efficient

In addition, we strive to make our products as energy efficient as possible. For example, several of our always-on products have been awarded the Energy Star label because they are equipped with a smart standby function that reduces energy consumption when not in use. As our appliances are often never even switched off, this results in huge savings in both use and rest mode.

Future proof

Ready for
the future

We live in exciting times. Thanks to the accelerated digital evolution, we, as audio specialists make sure that our products always have that step ahead. Even after they have been installed at the user's premises for some time. Our modular audio systems can be easily updated with interchangeable modules and software updates. This eliminates the need to buy a new device every time new technologies come onto the market.

Just hit play
AUDAC multi-functional mediaplayer
Environmentally friendly internet amplifier
Reducing our footprint

Packaging material

Not only the technology behind our products is important, we also look at the way we produce and distribute our products. We limit the use of plastic to an absolute minimum and instead we choose a completely natural biodegradable cardboard.

Together we are working on a greener future!